Research & Benchmarking

The purpose of the Research Committee is to contribute to the body of knowledge and inform decision making: This contribution will be achieved by setting up the IRF Research Foundation to determine and promulgate psychometrically rigorous industry and member needs driven research. This research should clearly define constructs and variables within the industry to assist members to accurately make decisions and implement best practices and change.

The objectives of the IRF Research Foundation are as set out below:
1.  To produce cutting edge research which stimulates thought and drives industry change and development: The results from the research will be used to drive necessary change towards streamlining the industry for member satisfaction.
2. To benchmark standards locally and against international practice: The purpose here will be to identify local industry standards against international best practices.
3. To ensure psychometrically rigorous and valid measurement: The intended research into dimensions identified will need to be both psychometrically valid and rigorous.  Credible and qualified research practitioners/suppliers should be used and research design, administration and extrapolation should bear scrutiny at all times.
4. To promote and advance socio-economic and developmental contribution.: By  interpreting key information and making it available to member funds, interventions can be designed and implemented in order to add socio-economic value to both fund members and the community at large.
5. To drive policy change: Research outputs will be presented to stakeholders and relevant parties so as to drive policy change towards improving the industry at large.
6. To enhance the reputation of the parent  organisation: The reputation and service profile of the Institute of Retirement Funds will be enhanced if it is seen to be involved in advancing and promulgating the role and functions of the industry.
7. To inform industry decisions: The research results will be used to inform and educate industry decisions. It will also create dialogue and discussion between relevant parties.
8. To ensure sound governance and transparent and equitable practices: All research determination and implementation shall be governed by sound fiscal and selection processes.
9. To generate income for CSR: Income generated by the foundation will be used to sponsor students and interns in the retirement field. This will fulfil both an information dissemination need as well as a social responsibility role.

The members of the Research and benchmarking Committee are as follows:
1. Wayne van Rensburg – Committee Member & Chairperson
2. Mmapula Ikaneng
3. Stephanie Griffiths
4. Dewet van der Spuy
5. Anne Cabot- Alletzhauser
6. Marilyn Kamp
7. Prof: Alex van den Heerver
8. Prof: Mtendeweka Mhango
9. Faith Letlala
10. Selwyn Jehoma