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IRFA announces its 2021 Best Practices Industry Awards Winners


An online function was held on the 22nd July 2021 by the Institute of Retirement Funds Africa (IRFA) to acknowledge the excellence reflected in the African Retirement Sector.
In opening the event the IRFA President Geraldine Fowler  welcomed participants saying  “ Thank you for your interest in retirement sector’s foremost recognition platform and for your participation, your contribution and your willingness to share the best standards and practices in the retirement sector. There are many ways in which one can contribute to one’s economy. Your participation in our best practices programme ensures socio-economic contribution, growth and sustainability to South Africa and beyond.


As an institution IRFA is proud of our Best Practices Industry Awards programme. The programme has evolved considerably over the years to include all the focus areas so vital to Fund governance and excellence. Our judging process is scientific, our judges are subject matter experts and our entrants are at the top of their game.


As the world and all in it continuously evolve, so there is always a continued need for change in programmes such as BPIA. The world of work and our socio-environment have changed considerably in the last 18 months as a result of the Covid pandemic. How we operate, communicate and measure excellence have also changed. New standards have been set for performance, delivery, skills development and learning. The IRFA will continue to develop and align our awards programme to the changing times. 


I would like to thank the judges that selflessly giving their time to this programme and the IRFA team that makes the programme a success.


I would like to congratulate this year’s winners; we truly applaud your efforts. You are a great example to many and in these very difficult times I want to say to you and to our judges and let others hear - success is making a positive difference to other people, especially seeing others grow, succeed and thrive as a result of your contribution - I thank you”.
The awards function, hosted by the Programme Champion Anthony Williams, can be viewed on YouTube: 
Click here to see the 2021 winners of awards in the prestigious 35-year-old programme.


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