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19th & 20th November 2020 | 11th & 12th March 2021 | 5th to 7th September 2021

Dear Stakeholder

IRFA Conference 2020 & 2021 – The Way Forward



Recent times have forced us all to find new ways of working and engaging with our communities and friends. The IRFA has recognized this need for our annual conference, the biggest of its kind on the African continent. We have identified alternatives to our traditional conference model. Going forward we will be utilising technology to create engagement platforms and allow wider access to participants who may be unable to travel, and for now, due to health concerns unable to meet in person.

Our new delivery channels will ensure that we can continue to provide our stakeholders with world class relevant and informative content from thought leaders in the retirement, investment and government sectors.

More information pertaining to the program content, sponsorship and exhibition opportunities and levels of engagement will be announced shortly.


19th & 20th November 2020 – Virtual Conference

Thursday, 19th November 2020: Full Day Virtual Conference and Exhibition

Friday, 20th November 2020: Half Day Master Class sessions and Exhibition


11th & 12th March 2021 – Virtual Conference

Thursday, 11th March 2021: Full Day Virtual Conference and Exhibition

Friday, 12th March 2021: Half Day Master Class sessions and Exhibition


5th to 7th September 2021 –  Hybrid Onsite and Virtual Conference

Sunday, 5th September 2021: Welcome Event and Exhibition

Monday, 6th September 2021: Full Day Conference and Exhibition

Tuesday, 7th September 2021: Half Day Master Class Sessions and Exhibition


Yours sincerely

Enos Ngutshane

IRFA President

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